Silvana Nappo Provenzano

Silvana Nappo Provenzano - Fashion and Construction Entrepreneur

As the majority owner and COO of Tyren Homes/Unlimited Structural Solutions, LLC, Silvana Nappo Provenzano oversees the manufacturing of the BBB-accredited company’s patented and trademarked USS-PANEL product. Before joining the organization in 2010, she enjoyed a successful career in the textile industry. In addition to co-founding and leading Style Diffusion & Marketing and Textile Global Trade, Silvana Nappo Provenzano established Organization of Design and Development (ODD).

After founding ODD in 1990, Silvana Nappo Provenzano spent more than a dozen years managing the Italy-based buying office. Working on behalf of major designers such as Donna Karan and Anne Klein, she produced a wide variety of fashion products and launched her own line of accessories.

Before this, she worked for a decade at The Franklin Mint, where she conducted extensive research in support of developing new products for apparel, furniture, glass, and rug lines, among others. She began her career as a manager at Lamborghini Sports Cars USA and, while in school, worked as a fitting model for Warner’s (now The Warnaco Group, Inc.). She holds a BS in economics and business from the University of Bridgeport and has completed courses at Bocconi University and the Fashion Institute of Technology.

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Silvana Nappo Provenzano